Web Design Revolution Over The Years: A look back at 90’s popular Websites.

Web design Revolution over the years: A look back at 90’s popular Web sites.

Before beginning to read this article we have to honor many languages and tools which saved us from the history of the web design.
Many Thanks to CSS 3, HTML 5, Bootstrap, Jquery, JavaScript, Canvass, Ajax and so on…

Let’s take a quick tour to 90’s Internet:

Without WordPress, no padding & margin, and dead dimensions. In the early days, CSS wasn’t an advanced method of styling! 

Most websites in the past didn’t have any sense of styling and smoothing. Just paragraphs, frames, and tables by HTML were used to create a website layout. Try to remember how did the websites were primarily text! There were too many texts and hyperlinks with blue underlines and Homepages were referred to as “cyber” content.

Top 20 ugly popular Websites

Now, let’s take a crazy adventure to the most popular companies’ websites (Then & Now):

1- YouTube ( www.youtube.com)

2- LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com)

3- Google (www.google.com)

4- eBay (www.ebay.com)

5- Apple (www.apple.com)

6- Dell (www.dell.com)

7- Netflix (www.netflix.com)

8- Yahoo (www.yahoo.com)

9- Facebook (www.facebook.com)

10- Twitter (www.twitter.com)

11- Samsung (www.samsung.com)

12- Amazon (www.amazon.com)

13- New York Times (www.nytimes.com)

14- GAP (www.gap.com)

15-MySpace (www.myspace.com)

16- Flicker (www.flicker.com)

17- Blogger (www.blogger.com)

18- BBC (www.bbc.com)

19- MSN (www.msn.com)

20- Adidas (www.adidas.de)


Don’t freak out!
those just the most popular companies’ websites. Now imagine how the non-popular companies’ websites were looked like!
A strange experiment, right? How was the silly impression of the internet and how it works in those days!. it becomes quite natural for us to expect any updates by technologies every day.

So, From your point of view, Which one is the strangest website? And Which one you used to visit in those old days?

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