Technology In The Future: Behind The Expectations

Future Technology

becomes a necessary use in our daily life. We need technology in our home, work, street and in every place. It makes our life easier. 
Every day, technology achieves progress more and more… Can you imagine how the technology will be in the 30’s century?

We really have some worry about the future!
Technology can change our world. Perhaps robots will lead the world! Perhaps no humanity anymore.
Sounds scary, right!
But, What is behind that worry, When we think in fact what will be probable to happen at that time?


1- Artificial Intelligence is the master.

Artificial Intelligence Robot

Many people worry about AI in the future as the robots will replace human’s life roles because they can do our tasks easily without effort or time.
So probably we won’t have any jobs. But according to who build the AI Technologies itself?

Humans still need to feed the AI with information and mechanisms. Then, maybe it won’t be dangerous like we imagined.

However, What if Robots have their own personalities! Chosen to match their needs and make choices by themselves. Can’t imagine that Robots will control us!
But who knows what one robot will be able to do in the future!



2- Take a break in the Space.

Space future
Goodbye to the Bahamas and say welcome to the mars planet Vacations.

In the Future, Maybe Rocket companies and Space stations will replace airports and tourism companies. But this for someone who could pay 200 million for spending a week in mars.
Possibly soon It will be for the reach people only. But, it won’t be for a long time. After ages, it could be cheap as our everyday transportation.




3- No need to have a driving license anymore.

Now you can sleep while driving your car. Perhaps our cars won’t require a driving seat anymore.

Self-driving cars could reduce the traffic, crashes, and increase the time for ourselves to make us more comfortable. It will change the entire transportation industry.




4- Lights will never cut off.

Plant Energy

You can charge your battery with a power of a plant.
Do you know that forests can be the next future energy stations!
Now some organizations seeking to generate electricity from plants.

100% renewable energy!
For one of the world’s largest renewable energy sources is Ocean Thermal energy.
Now, it is working on creating an energy by generating electricity from ocean thermal energy conversion.




5- No more of “Storage space running out”.

Forget about memory and storage space problems. In the future, we will plug our brains directly into the cloud.

Storage Space is Running out

Nanobots will make it real. We will do it with our brains, not with our smartphones. Maybe smartphone won’t be wanted anymore. Possibly we will use this technology for the virtual reality through our brains.


At the end of this article, We will Leave it to your imagination to find Where the future of the technology will reach out…

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